Wild in Art

A Wild in Art event brought to you by St Michael's Hospice.

Meet the Artist – g_wizz-wheeler

Georgie is a full time artist living in Hastings whose practice includes celebrated street art pieces as part of Coastal Currents BT box makeovers, popular culture paintings and delivering expressive and experimental workshops to adults. Georgie’s artwork explores character interplay, 80s nostalgia and popular culture in a tragic comic way, with the mood frequently defined as terribly jolly. Her series and individual pieces are generally title or pun led, and present a bold balance between comic accuracy, expressive mark-making and realistic portraiture. Her 80s mixtapes compress the popular events, trends and music for each year of the 80s into one impactful composition, presented in a distinctly 80s colour palette. Her recent street art pieces around Hastings and St Leonards evoke a sense of childish fun with the humorous ongoing narrative between chips and seagulls alongside famous Hastings festivals. Georgie has exhibited widely in Hastings, East London and Watford and showcased her work at the Talented Art Fairs in 2019 and 2020, and New Artist Fair in 2021. She is an active part of the creative community and has collaborated with several local businesses on art window displays and painted installations.

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